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Sauna Kits All the Sauna kits available at DreamSauna are made from some of the best materials that can be easily customized. You will have the opportunity of choosing one that can meet your specifications and configuration. Customers can get their best sauna kits by sending designs and materials to the company and the best Continue Reading

InfraRed Sauna positive effects

InfraRed Sauna benefits. When there is an outbreak of viral diseases, most of the patients suffer from temperature and fever. People usually do not like high temperature though, they should know it is a proof that their bodies are fighting against viruses. Even Andre Lwoff (a Nobel Prize Winner) declared that temperature actually supports to Continue Reading

By Dr. Aaron M. Flickstein HEALTH BENEFITS ATTRIBUTED TO INFRARED RAYS IN REPORTED FROM AROUND THE WORLD Infrared Sauna therapy Systems bring you the same infrared rays experienced in the traditional American Indian sweat lodge in a much more convenient and practical form, and in the privacy of your own home. The cleansing and purifying Continue Reading

Doctors about InfraRed Sauna

STUDIES SHOW HEALTH BENEFITS TO ARTIFICIALLY INDUCED FEVER. InfraRed Sauna Nobel Prize winner Dr. Andre Lwoff, a French virologist, believes that high temperatures during infection help combat the growth of a virus. “Therefore, fever should not be brought down with drugs,” he says. Two medical doctors, Werner Zable and Josef Issels, have this to say Continue Reading